New Year, Same You

Every January it seems we are supposed to give up everything. Carbs, sweets, and wine.

It seems that on January 1 we become a completely different person than we were the other 364 days of the year. I don’t believe it at all. I do not believe the new year brings a new year. I think the new year brings you a better you. The new year offers you a way to be better as you are – no changes needed.

The key to the new year is making sure you take time for what you enjoy and to remember that life is short and to enjoy each moment. But how do you enjoy the new year while being bombarded with things to change about yourself. Turn off the noise and continue to do what you love. If you like to read or want to read more go to the bookstore and get a new book to read. If you want to cook more, start with a simple recipe, go to the market, and cook. It doesn’t have to look perfect. You just have to get in the kitchen and begin.

The key is starting.

While you are continuing to do what you do pick up a bottle of Moscato d’Asti to celebrate that you are awesome just the way you are. Moscato d’Asti begs you to tell the story of you. Not the new you. The old you has always been good and deserves to be celebrated in this new year. With the new year comes a new season and as the cold sets in time to a respite and just enjoy getting back to the hustle and bustle of life. Moscato d’Asti doesn’t care whether you embrace the new year.

It only wants you to enjoy being you with no judgment.

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Julia Coney
Julia Coney is a Washington, D.C.-based wine, travel, food, and lifestyle journalist. She has written for Wine Enthusiast and Tasting Table among other publications. She is passionate about wine as a lifestyle, travel, interesting people, books and finding the elusive story of wine in her glass. She has judged wine competitions globally and has written at for over 10 years. You can find her living life to the fullest on all social media @JuliaConey, but her favorite platform is Instagram.


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