Have Moscato will travel

The moment has arrived!

After contributing to this blog for the last five months, this week I’ll board a plane and head to the land of Moscato d’Asti for two full days of tastings, seminars, cooking classes, and special meals.

One of the things I’m most looking forward to is the Moscato d’Asti “Master Class” with one of my favorite Italian-focused English-language wine writers, Walter Speller, who writes regularly about Italian wine, including sparkling wine, for Jancis Robinson’s online tasting portal, her “Purple Pages.” Walter is also a contributing editor for the Oxford Companion to Wine (edited by Ms. Robinson) and he is, hands down, one of the leading English-language experts on Italian wine in the world today.
I’m also looking forward to getting the chance to taste and interact with some of the appellation’s leading producers. Our group will be hosted for a couple of walk-around tastings and we’ll also get the chance to get to know some of the winemakers at dinners we’ll be attending.

But the thing I’m most looking forward to is getting to spend time and taste with the other wine writers who will be on the trip. Some of the people who will be joining us are among the top journalists and bloggers in our field. I already know a handful of them and I’m glad to have the chance to get to know the others. I haven’t been on a trip like this in some time and I’m confident it will be a memorable one, for sure.
With next week’s post, I’ll begin sharing the experience, including my thoughts, impressions, and tasting notes. And of course, I’ll also be sharing my colleagues experiences as well.

So please stay tuned as I am about to embark on a true Moscato d’Asti adventure.

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Jeremy Parzen
After obtaining his Ph.D. in Italian literature at U.C.L.A. in 1997, Jeremy Parzen moved to New York City where he shifted his focus to food and wine. By 1998, he was the chief wine writer for the English-language edition of La Cucina Italiana. In 2005, he published his annotated translation of Maestro Martino's 15th century cookery book, The Art of Cooking (University of California Press). In 2007, he launched his blog DoBianchi.com (named after the Venetian expression for two glasses of white wine). Since that time, he has published countless articles on Italian food and wine, including bylines for publications like Decanter and Wine and Spirits, which named him a "Master of Place" in 2017. Known for his humanist perspective onto the world of Italian enogastronomy, he works as wine and restaurant industry consultant from his home office in Houston, where he and his wife Tracie (a native Texan) are raising their two daughters. A former rock musician and songwriter, Jeremy continues to compose and record music with and for his family. He was honored to be named an Italian Association of Wine Merchants ambassador in 2018 for his "profound scholarship in the humanities, his great knowledge of winemaking, and his excellence in communications."


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