Parisian Je Ne Sais Quoi

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” — Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion Month is officially coming to a close until next season. It always ends in the city of lights, Paris. Paris Fashion Week features many brands that are household names and considered the old guard. These brands consistently deliver season after season. In a world where it seems youth reigns supreme, it is always good to see how the classics always remain even with a nod to the new.

Parisian style is lauded around the world, but it has been and continues to be about the simple, classic, and personal style. It is not made to fit into a mold. It is the reason the phrase je ne sais quoi is associated with Paris fashion. It is something that can’t always be put into words but it is a distinctive characteristic that you can’t put your hands on.

Moscato d’Asti is not French, but it has the same distinctive character as a wine. You can’t quite put your hands on why it is so unique and different, but the je ne sais quoi is there. It is in the way each grape changes based on its terroir. There are numerous reasons why wine changes each year – climate, ripening, and yield. Grapes are alive and vibrant. They can be simple or complex. They have character, like fashion. The soil is the fabric and the winemaker becomes the designer.

In the hands of the winemaker, Asti wines comes alive. It is able to reveal itself in ways that bring us back to its story, the bottle, and the wine each year. This is wines version of fashion week. Each season it gets a chance to start a new. To see how it will flourish and how it will be interpreted in the glass is why we return again to the terroir. The terroir is the je ne sais quoi.


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