Italian Elegance

“Elegance is not remembered but being remembered.” ~ Giorgio Armani

Milan, known as one of the fashion capitals of world. This week, the fashion glitterati will descend upon the city for Milan Fashion Week. And always it is one of the premier fashion weeks in the world. Milan sets the tone for sexy elegance. It comes from the quirky Prada, to the bold Versace, and finishes with the elegance of Armani. Milan has always been a trendsetter.
Italian fashion lends itself to confidence. Clothes are not nearly a vehicle for being dressed, they are a representation of current affairs, emotions, and ideologies. It’s expressive and expansive. Clothes as fashion is more than a garment. It is a form of self-expression.

Milan’s fashion ethos is rooted in being able to not only blend in, but to be bold and daring while at the same time showing restraint. It could be because Italians love the belief of “Dolce Far Niente” or the “sweetness of doing nothing.” But they aren’t really doing nothing. Italians have created and showcased beauty in ways that question the status quo. The designs are quirky, bold, and sexy in various styles, ranges, and appeal to many ages.
sparklingItalians make fashion and lifestyle look effortless. It doesn’t look contrived and as if it’s putting on a show for appearances. It is elegance – Italian style. It reminds me of how the dolce far niente corresponds to wine. The sweetness of the land doing what is it supposed to do, produces wine that is drinkable, elegant, and showcases Italy’s terroir.

Moscato d’Asti shows how elegant Italian wine can be. Its style may be simplistic, but there is nothing simple about it. It pairs well with complex and classic Italian cuisine. It is a classic wine. If doing nothing looks like this then I want the Moscato d’Asti region to keep doing what it is doing.


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