Give Yourself to Yourself

Christmas is the time to slow down and give yourself to yourself before you give yourself away

Christmas is around the corner and as the world gathers to celebrate friends and family it can often seem overwhelming with so many commitments. How do you celebrate others, while also taking the time to celebrate yourself? It might seem selfish at such a time of giving to think about yourself, but it is essential.

Everything in life right now is coming fast. Days can turn into blurred weeks and before you know it another year has passed. It is hard to slow down because many of us are going a mile a minute. We are constantly on our phones, working, raising families, and trying to get a few minutes of each day to ourselves. It is hard. But Christmas is the time to slow down sparkling moscatoand give yourself to yourself before you give yourself away.


In thinking about your own personal “simple luxury” the gift of time is essential. Time waits for no one and it is precious. How to do this? Take a look at your calendar and see one thing you don’t need to do. One appointment you can move or not do completely. Next thing about preparing a simple meal to enjoy with a glass of Moscato d’Asti.

Many times we rush through a glass of wine. We select the bottle, we remove the foil, we pop the cork, and pour. We take the first sip, but are we actually savoring its beauty. Do we take the time to explore what the first sip brings? Do we notice the bubbles in the Spumante? Have we considered the pear and citrus notes? Most times we drink without thinking.

In the spirit of giving, give yourself time. Open the Moscato d’Asti and pour it into your favorite wine glass. Now watch the bubbles and take a deep breath. Reflect. Take the first sip and close your eyes to truly relish the sensation and taste of the wine. As you eat a delicious meal or enjoy it as an aperitif reflect on this time of year as special. Because it is, just like the wine in your glass.


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