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Chapter 5 – Coincidence or fate?

The wine, of course, was Moscato d’Asti
wine pairing

The best wine pairing for fruit?

One of the sommelier's biggest challenges in preparing a tasting flight and menu is what wine to pair with fresh or cooked fruit?
a glass of wine in Torino

Chapter 4 – Forgetting the Unforgettable

Shutting Down My Imagination
And there is perhaps no other sparkling wine appellation where the hand of the winemaker is so light. In many ways, Moscato d'Asti growers and producers are simply trying to stay out of the grape's way as the vinification process is carried out.

It’s all about the grape

In many ways, Moscato d'Asti growers and producers are simply trying to stay out of the grape's way as the vinification process is carried out.


love in a glass of wine

Chapter 3 – Flowers and Light

A Glass, A Young Man, a Tavolo al Fresco
Jeremy Parzen shows Moscato 'd'Asti flavour in Houston

Moscato d’Asti, one of the world’s most soulful wines, yes!

One of the reasons why I wanted to be part of this blog was because I wanted a forum where I could share my feeling that Moscato d'Asti is actually one of Italy's most soulful wines.
a glass of italian wine

Chapter 2 – Is Everything Better in Italian?

Where and How I Found Myself There
few questions for moscato consumer

Questions for Moscato d’Asti producers

…I wish more American wine professionals would take time out to think about how the wines we buy and drink "sustain" other communities.
an italian lover knew during a Piedmont trip

Chapter 1 – Trying to Make Sense of it All

Saying Hello and Saying Good-bye

The Best Piedmont Wine: Asti Muscat Docg

Since the introduction of the docg “Asti” classification, the two historic types – Asti and Moscato d’Asti – have been differentiated right from the vineyard. Sweet but not overly so, with the inimitable musky aroma of the original grape, delicate and intense, recalling lime trees and wisteria, peaches and apricots with trace of sage, lemon and orange blossom, Moscato d’Asti Docg is one of the most characteristic products of Piedmontese wine-growing and production. Produced almost exclusively by small and medium enterprises or cooperative cellars which transform only the harvest of their own vineyards, today Moscato d’Asti has reached extraordinary levels of quality thanks to the widespread use of modern wine-making technology. Read More

The Best Italian Sparkling Wine: Asti Docg

Asti Docg comes exclusively from the only grape, the white Muscat, which can generate a delicate and intense, fragrant and persistent sparkling wine. The peculiarities of this wine, well-known to viticulture in the past, are exalted by the climatic and geographical characteristics of the area of production. Indeed, according to the deepest knowledge of the interactions between vine and environment, the best results in acid and sugar are reached on limestone terrain, like the Asti Docg area of production, and in environments with a micro-climate typical of its hilly zones. It is precisely the precious aromatic substances (linalool) produced by the white Muscat grape in the final weeks before harvesting which reach their maximum… Read More

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